Sports Performance

The human body is an amazing creation that can perform beyond what we can imagine.

Any serious athlete, be it professional, collegiate or recreational is concerned with improving his or her performance.
Peak Performance is when all the muscles in the body are tuned to perfection and play in harmony with each other like all the instruments in a symphony orchestra.
When performance is sputtering, stagnant or poor, there must be a reason.

Are you stuck in a performance rut?

Insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.
Whenever an athlete is experiencing subpar performance it means that either their body or mind are out of balance. The human mind/body is like a race car or symphony orchestra instrument, it needs to be tuned, balanced and aligned to perform in excellence.
Body alignment could be compared to the alignment of a car. If the wheels are not aligned the car will pull to the right or left and the tires will wear unevenly. The uneven pulling affects the car’s ability to perform and go as fast as it is deigned in a straight line. If not corrected, over time this will cause the tires to wear out or the car to break down. After you have your car aligned at the tire shop and drive it away, all you have to do is hit a pothole for the alignment to be off again.

Muscular Imbalance or Dysfunctional Beliefs and Behavior Patterns

In the human body, poor performance is caused either by physical or mental blockages. Physical imbalances are caused by muscular imbalance; when muscles pull unevenly on the joints. Muscular imbalance is caused by overuse, abuse, sprain, strain or direct trauma. Mental blockages are caused by dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs and behavioral patterns.Either of the two will cause a buildup of muscular tension in certain muscles that will restrict flexibility, range of motion, and change posture. This uneven muscle pull will alter joint position and decrease joint space, inhibit vascular circulation and lymph drainage, and cause friction, compression, muscular weakness and poor performance. If an imbalance is not corrected, over time it will lead to pain and physical injury. Muscular imbalance can be corrected by releasing tension in shortened muscles. Tobe Hanson can, with his therapy, localize where the muscular imbalance is and correct it immediately by releasing tension in acupressure and trigger points of shortened muscles. Each patient will also get custom-made exercises that will stretch shortened muscles and strengthen weak or elongated muscles to prevent the muscular imbalance from returning.
Dysfunctional beliefs and behavioral patterns can be changed once there is knowledge and awareness of their existence. In a treatment session with Tobe Hanson, dysfunctional patterns will be exposed. Tobe then incorporates wisdom used by ancient Zen masters and Shaolin monks to explain an athlete’s dysfunctional patterns and give lessons for him or her to change their behavior and beliefs. This ancient knowledge teaches the “Way” to excellence and peak performance.
For the competitive athlete, daily training and competition is full of “potholes.” Sprains, strains, contusions, impact and overuse cause constant buildup of tension with muscular imbalance. Other factors that can lead to performance breakdown and muscle tension are sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration and mental/emotional stress.

Improve Performance and Prevent Injuries

Correcting muscular imbalance and dysfunctional behavior patterns does not only improve performance, it also prevents injuries. The fact is that everyone has tension somewhere in their body. This means that every athlete carries tension that will prevent absolute peak performance. It also means that every individual has an injury or an injury waiting to happen. The longer an imbalance festers, the more damage it will do.

What are You Doing to Tune Your Body and Mind?

Help to Self Help

Tobe Hanson’s therapy is designed to make the athlete self-sufficient, not dependent on a therapy. Once the athlete has learned about their mental hang-ups and muscular imbalance, they can catch themselves when dysfunctional patterns reappear and make an immediate correction in thought and action. Regular stretching will inform the athlete if a muscle is starting to tense up again.Maintaining peak performance requires knowledge and body awareness. Once an athlete has learned his or her patterns of mental blockages and muscular imbalances, continuing to practice their lessons, as well as daily stretching exercises and Styrofoam rolling, can maintain balance and peak performance as well as prevent occurrence of injuries.

Learn and Practice this Ancient Wisdom so that You can Be on Your Way to Excellence in Your Athletic Endeavor

Experience a treatment with Tobe Hanson to find your blockages in body or mind and read his book; “Athletes Way of Excellence”