Ever Wondered Why?

Forgotten ancient wisdom practiced by Shaolin monks and masters of Acupuncture, Zen and Kung Fu, teaches the principles on how to live in excellence and what happens when we fall out of balance. In HMT, Tobe Hanson incorporates this wisdom as a teaching tool to explain the cause of an individual’s pain and suffering when tension and pain is manually released with digital pressure to acupressure points.

In today’s society we have been conditioned to treat the symptoms; pain, injury, anxiety, depression and unhappiness, with medication or drugs. Most therapies are directed only to the site of the pain and do not take the whole body and mind under consideration.
No one stops to question the cause of their pain or unsatisfactory performance or what they could do to better themselves and prevent the pain and suffering from coming back.
No one has pain or unhappiness for no reason; in the same way no one experiences failure, poor performance and unhappiness for no reason. There is cause and effect, action and re-action, meaning and purpose with everything that happens.
Imagine a therapy visit that releases your pain and at the same time enlightens you on the cause of your condition and what you need to do to prevent it from coming back.