Who Is Tobe Hanson,
What Does He Do?

For over 20 years his services have been sought after by professional athletes from NHL, NFL, UFC, MLB, PGA, Olympians, triathlon, collegiate and recreational athletes. He has been a consultant to the San Jose Sharks medical staff for over 10 years and worked with the Stanford football team during the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons. His work is helping pro athletes get pain free, stay on top of their games and prolong their careers

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Advanced Manual Therapy For Immediate Pain Relief & Improved Performance

Got Pain?

Most people suffer from acute, achy, intermittent or reoccurring pain in some of their muscles or joints. Imagine your worst pains vanishing away in 30 minutes. Imagine skipping 10 weeks of physical therapy or endless visits to the massage therapist or chiropractor.

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Ever Wondered Why?

A holistic breakthrough for the healing professions and peak performance industry, Tobe Hanson has spent 33 years studying and incorporating Ancient Chinese Medicine and Philosophy with modern day Sports Medicine. This led to the development of Hanson Muscle Therapy – HMT, an advanced manual therapy for immediate Pain Relief and Improved Performance.


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